2 cents from Tom Hanks!

“I was heavy. You have seen me in movies, you know what I looked like. I was a total idiot”: Tom Hanks

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I have been wondering what should I do for my first ever blog. While I was so excited to present to the world my first blog, I was equally worried too. The first impression matters, right! After a lot of due diligence and research, I came across this article about none other than my favorite superstar actor, Tom Hanks.

Cast Away just blew my mind. The actor who has always displayed so much versatility  from “Apollo 13” to “Catch Me If You Can” to “Terminal” and what a cast in “Cast Away” is a perfectionist according to me and a lot of his fans. So, for him to admit that he was an idiot is bound to have a lot of weightage. Why is he saying so? 

Tom Hanks was diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus type 2 in 2013. He mentioned to the media that he is responsible for acquiring diabetes. He blamed his diet and inability to control weight. He thought avoiding buns from harburgers would be enough but later he realized that it would take a bit more to control his diabetes.  

So, what I am trying to come up to is: If Tom Hanks admitted openly to the world that he is responsible to get diabetes, why can’t we do the same? The first step towards progress in life is owning the responsibility. You can’t blame others for acquiring DIabetes type 2. Once you recognize the mistakes and careless attitude towards life, there occurs the birth of realization. The famous quote “God helps those who help themselves” is applicable in our lives very much. 

I mean let’s be honest. We all take our health for granted. Don’t we fall for that dessert, don’t we get enticed with that big barbeque party, don’t we chug in a few bottles of beer here and there, how irregular are our meal times often? Most importantly, don’t we place our jobs on top of our health. What’s the number 1 killer, guys? Any guesses…………STRESS, it is! A lot of these things can be controlled, some are just out of our control these days. What an irony! The more we have these days, the more diseases we have acquired. Back in the good old days, there was less money, less resources, less access to modern devices and guess what, LESS STRESS and HEALTHIER LIVES prevailed. 

There is so much advanced medical care these days and so much emphasis on prevention of diseases but still, we are on the rise of getting less healthier day by day. Can we do anything in such circumstances? If so, what and how? 

1)The first step is KNOWLEDGE of the disease and ways to control, if too late to prevent it: The prerequisite to this step is admission that only you are responsible and no one else for your diabetes-just like Tom Hanks did. 

Consult your doctor and your pharmacist to get all the information needed about diabetes and its treatment. Know your medicines, how to take them, any precaution while taking the medicine, side effects, drug-drug or drug-food interactions, etc 

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2) Plan your action to control Diabetes: Make a winning action plan with respect to your meals, medication, sports and monitoring glucose. Remember, you can still enjoy your delicacies and be spoilt occasionally as long as you have a good game plan. Have a team around you, usually family members or friends, to be part of your game plan. It does require a good team work to win this game of diabetes.

Miami heat Winning 2013 NBA championship

3) Perseverance and follow up: It’s so easy to make a plan tonight and forget it tomorrow…lol! That’s how most of us do. And that’s why it’s important to have a team that can check whether the plan is being implemented or not. Perseverance is one thing that goes a long way throughout the life and of course,  management of diabetes is much more relevant to it. Make sure you follow up on your doctor’s appointments to see whether his treatment and your plans are working or not. And lastly, be happy, be positive and enjoy yourselves! That is my “2 cents” to all readers.

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