Is diabetes an Inflammatory condition?

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Diabetes is such a widespread disease and is talked about so much everyday and everywhere. And still, I see patients on a daily basis who don’t take it seriously. Diabetes should be dealt with a lot of discipline . I am not gonna describe what diabetes is, what the symptoms are, keto acidosis, etc, etc. All of this info is available in a lot of published literature, books or online. What I want to talk about, is Diabetes type 2 and Inflammation! Yes, diabetes type 2 is also an inflammatory disease.

Diabetes type 2 is a condition where insulin resistance develops because of inflammatory conditions. This inflammation is in turn linked to obesity. According to a study, metabolic disorders range from a spectrum of undernourished to overnourished conditions. Undernourished people get susceptible to infections due to low immunity. Whereas over nourishment can lead to obesity which in turn can lead to inflammatory response, insulin resistance, diabetes, atherosclerosis and many more. Other factors like sedentary life style and mental stress can also lead to obesity.

People with chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, hepatitis C or other conditions may have more susceptibility towards developing diabetes type 2. These conditions combined with obesity and stress can all stimulate cytokines, macrophages and other inflammatory mediators which can inhibit Insulin sensitivity of insulin receptors. Cancer is another condition which is linked to development of diabetes type 2.

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Your diabetes coach- Glucocious app

Glucocious is an app that highlights the importance of moderating inflammation. Use of supplements like Omega-3, foods rich in omega-3 like “mung beans” and other anti-inflammatory supplements is detailed in this app. The app mentions some anti-oxidants that also play an important role in controlling inflammation. The app also provides handy consultation from a homeopath for managing diabetes and other chronic conditions. Glucocious helps you keep track of your numbers with the blood pressure- blood sugar log tracker.

Overall, striking a good balance in nutrition, regular physical exercise, education on diabetes, knowing your numbers, use of anti-inflammatory supplements and regular check up with your doctor are some of the good habits that will prevent obesity, stress and inflammation. Controlling inflammation will prevent diabetes type 2 and a lot of other inflammatory conditions.

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