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What a wonderful time we live in! All answers are right at your fingertips. There is hardly anything that’s a secret nowadays. Any layman who is savvy with his smart phone can get information about anything. I wonder how did we manage getting information about a decade ago. For purposes other than health, library and newspapers used to be our resort but for health related queries, we were helpless. Going to doctors everyday was not a viable option.

But today, everything can be found online or apps! If you want to know about symptoms of any disease, you can just search in seconds. What more that a friendly app can actually train you to prevent a disease! If you want to know anything about your medication, the information is at your fingertips! Drug-interactions, side effects and proper administration techniques are all available online or apps or YouTube. Some apps even monitor your physical activity and encourages you to stay fitter and healthier.

Gadgets like Fitbit can continuously challenge you to walk or run more miles. Devices like Dexcom can continuously report your blood sugar. Apps like Glucocious can train you about everything related to diabetes, it’s prevention and management. Apple’s health app monitors your steps everyday. Medscape is an online bible for medications. Then there are apps that can measure creatinine clearance, body composition, BMI, etc.

There are online resources to connect with MDs or pharmacists or other providers. So for minor ailments or quick questions, you don’t have to wait for your next appointment or drive to your pharmacist. For any medication related query, feel free to submit your query online at:

Some handy apps

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Multiple Sclerosis:




There are tons of other apps that enable common men and women understand their diseases states in a user friendly language.



Mobile devices and apps have provided many benefits for HCPs, allowing them to make more rapid decisions with a lower error rate, increasing the quality of data management and accessibility, and improving practice efficiency and knowledge. Most importantly, these benefits have been shown to have a positive effect on patient care outcomes, as evidenced by a reduction in adverse events and hospital length of stay. These and other benefits mobile devices and apps provide to HCPs are discussed in the following section.

One major motivation driving the widespread adoption of mobile devices by HCPs has been the need for better communication and information resources at the point of care. Ideally, HCPs require access to many types of resources in a clinical setting, including:

  • Communication capabilities—voice calling, video conferencing, text, and e-mail .
  • Hospital information systems (HISs)—electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), clinical decision support systems (CDSSs), picture archiving and communication systems (PACSs), and laboratory information systems (LISs).
  • Informational resources—textbooks, guidelines, medical literature, drug references.
  • Clinical software applications—disease diagnosis aids, medical calculators.


  • Apps are only for reference purposes. They don’t not replace your doctor’s or provider’s diagnosis, clinical judgement, experience and treatment.
  • The information is very helpful to patients as well as HCPs. Alerts of errors, help stay current, provide most accurate information about dosing and dosing criteria, helps people understand their medications and disease states in user friendly language, facilitate communication and prevents delay of information.
  • Most importantly, it’s so handy, free and available whenever needed.

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