Reaching horizons soon! Corona will set soon!

Source: Richard Price/Unsplash

We are in the middle of an unprecedented, unbelievable and unheard scenario. Who knew, just a few months ago, that a virus, a bug will change our lives, to this extent! A lot of us had plans to go to cruises or Disney or Universal or some quite getaways. Unfortunately, we had to cancel everything. A lot of scheduled appointments had to be postponed till further notice. A lot of patients had to postpone their surgeries or treatments.

Millions and millions of people around the world have lost jobs! The governments are doing their part in the form of stimulus packages and other relief measures to ease out financial burdens on their citizens.

The questions that come to everyone’s mind everyday are: when is this going to end? When is life coming back to normal? When will corona set? Where is the horizon?

History is the evidence

Zika, H1N1, SARS, Spanish Flu, etc etc. All of these have come and gone! Yes COVID-19 is probably the strongest one and is causing greater harm and is lasting longer than its predecessors but nothing is permanent, nothing is invincible.

Just like the cycle of life and death, parasites have their cycles of survival (till it’s unknown) and death (once it’s known). Scientifically speaking, once herd immunity starts, this virus will also start to disappear like all of the previous ones. Like any other human parasite, it can only survive till it finds humans that it can infect. Once the human species finds immunity against it, it can’t infect humans anymore!

Vaccines- herd immunity

The best way to generate herd immunity is immunization! There is a lot of fuss going around in the process of re-opening that let people infect others and acquire immunity. Technically speaking, yes, but it’s too dangerous to acquire immunity like this.

Dozens of institutions are working towards making a vaccine. Some of them are progressing towards third phase of testing. If everything goes right, a few companies will come up with a working vaccine by as early as October-December!

Hang on till vaccines are being invented! Science has the answers but we need to be patient. It needs only a microbe to cause a pandemic but it needs a lot of time, resources and most importantly, patience. So readers, please spread your positivity amongst your friends and relatives. We all understand the difficult times that a lot of us are going through, but believe me, “there is always light at the end of the tunnel”.

Source: Tim Foster/Unsplash

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