Behaviors tested and failed: Corona wins phase 2

Source: Roya Ann Miller/Unsplash

Millions of Americans and citizens around the world are sick of staying home. They keep questioning themselves and discuss with their spouses and kids: should we go or not! Me included, this is a desperate time where we are all constantly looking for that one opportunity to go out of our homes and enjoy a vacation! I planned a vacation with 3 other family from NE and we decided to have a reunion after 4 years in a place called Myrtle beach since it’s kind of half way for them and me being in south FL. So we were all pumped up and about to make bookings till we saw this:

But every time you make plans, they get cancelled because of the growing numbers! When we were locked for the first couple months, we were dreaming of for one day that this pandemic would be under some control and we would be able to have one vacation. But what happened! That Myrtle beach article is just one example. I look at news and social media and I just wonder why do people take this for granted so much. So much as if nothing happened! Ok I understand that we are all frustrated and itching to go out, party, have fun and get the hell out of this lock down mode! But this virus has been killing hundreds of thousands of people. This virus is not understood properly yet. Now people are claiming that COVID-19 is an airborne disease after 6-7 months of research and studies!

People who are partying are getting sick! Meaning younger people are getting infected and they are spreading it. In the phase 1, elderly and people with preexisting conditions were blamed for the spread but now it’s the healthy population who are the culprit because of their of irresponsible behaviors! Yes, honestly, I can’t be diplomatic about this. It’s stupid because younger people are supposed to lead the way for better tomorrow. Young people are supposed to know more about science and hence educate everyone else to help curb this situation. But instead, it’s us the younger generation who has been the spotlight of phase 2.

Look at this! Students wanted to party purposely to spread the virus!

Listen guys, it’s up to us whether to lead this to a fight against corona so tomorrow, we become examples for our coming generations how we dealt with such a pandemic OR exhibit a behavior that will eventually lead to deaths and victory of a virus! Of course, we can blame governments for this and that, right! But it’s nothing but common sense that must prevail and urge all of us to protect not just ourselves but also our families, communities, societies and our nation! If every citizen assumes this responsibility, our globe will be free from corona soon! Yes we can!

Source: Rusty Watson/Unsplash

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