Behaviors tested and failed: Corona wins phase 2

Millions of Americans and citizens around the world are sick of staying home. They keep questioning themselves and discuss with their spouses and kids: should we go or not! Me included, this is a desperate time where we are all constantly looking for that one opportunity to go out of our homes and enjoy aContinue reading “Behaviors tested and failed: Corona wins phase 2”

COVID-19: Lockdown measures have eased, but what should you do now?

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Hello Everyone! With social distancing and lockdown measures easing down, as well as daily cases coming to a gradual decrease, it is very easy to drop your guard with COVID-19. However, we must remember that thousands of cases still occur daily, a second wave of infections is probable,…

COVID-19: Exponential rise of mental disorders

(Unprecedented during the unprecedented) As such mental disorders were a growing pandemic, but now add it to another pandemic! Sorry to say this but it’s a reality. Mental disorders were on the rise even pre-Corona. But now with all the negativity building due to increasing number of deaths every day, increased unemployment everyday, shortage ofContinue reading “COVID-19: Exponential rise of mental disorders”

Reaching horizons soon! Corona will set soon!

We are in the middle of an unprecedented, unbelievable and unheard scenario. Who knew, just a few months ago, that a virus, a bug will change our lives, to this extent! A lot of us had plans to go to cruises or Disney or Universal or some quite getaways. Unfortunately, we had to cancel everything.Continue reading “Reaching horizons soon! Corona will set soon!”

Rise of cancer related deaths during the pandemic

It was expected! Patients appointments are cancelled and postponed because the clinics are closed. A lot of clinicians were made to work from home. This resulted in patients’ lack of medical access, delay of the early diagnosis, delay of treatments like chemo or radiation of known diagnoses and delay of decision making on behalf ofContinue reading “Rise of cancer related deaths during the pandemic”