Drought of antibiotics

(Beware of this epidemic) There was a time when people died of common bacterial infections. As decades and centuries past by, treatments became so easy. It feels like modern science has answers to all known infections. Then suddenly now, we have dragged ourselves to a horrific situation of “Drug Resistance”! In today’s world, people wantContinue reading “Drought of antibiotics”

Medicare: A,B,C,D!

(It truly is about learning A,B,C,D…..) With the introduction of Medicare Part D in 2006, we had four letters to remember A,B,C,D. To most seniors and people eligible for Medicare, it’s still a confusion. All they know is: “I have Medicare”. In markets like south florida, most people are not aware of the 4 alphabets.Continue reading “Medicare: A,B,C,D!”

Digital mentor: Positive outcomes

(Technology making a difference) What a wonderful time we live in! All answers are right at your fingertips. There is hardly anything that’s a secret nowadays. Any layman who is savvy with his smart phone can get information about anything. I wonder how did we manage getting information about a decade ago. For purposes otherContinue reading “Digital mentor: Positive outcomes”

Celebrate “One step forward”

(A happy new year: in true sense) What does the New Year’s Eve mean to most of us? Celebrating the arrival of new year with food, drinks, friends, families….right? How about adding some value or meaning to this grand celebration! I mean what’s the point of welcoming new year if we don’t commit any changesContinue reading “Celebrate “One step forward””

Pharmacy benefit manager

(The power of the middle man) To simply put in perspective, PBMs work for insurance companies to manage their drug costs, negotiate with manufacturers for better pricing and placing their drugs on preferred formularies versus others. By doing so, they eventually save money for insurance companies, promote drugs of companies who negotiated “good deals” orContinue reading “Pharmacy benefit manager”

Hypertension- simply ignored!

(A ticking time bomb leading to heart attack) It’s said that “A good heart makes one a better person”.The thought holds true for health too! Heart can be affected by several abnormalities; some genetic and some acquired. One of the most common disease and also the most ignored disease is hypertension or high blood pressure.Continue reading “Hypertension- simply ignored!”

Medication therapy management (MTM)

How many times a pharmacist interventions prevents a major drug-drug or drug food interactions? I wonder if there were no pharmacists, we would have had some many casualties related to these adverse drug reactions. According to fda’s article, https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-interactions-labeling/preventable-adverse-drug-reactions-focus-drug-interactions : “The Institute of Medicine reported in January of 2000 that from 44,000 to 98,000 deathsContinue reading “Medication therapy management (MTM)”

Modern food and cancer

Everything starts with your food- be careful! Interestingly, my last blog talked about nutrition needed to fight cancer. Today, I want to discuss certain foods or the way certain foods are made, as causes of cancer! Ultimately, anything we ingest does affect our bodies- one way or the other! A lot of foods or ratherContinue reading “Modern food and cancer”

Cancer and Nutrition

Cancer- a word that can not only change a patient’s life but can also be devastating on the family. Cancer and it’s treatment can be overwhelming for patients and their families. According to http://www.cancer.gov, Cancer and it’s treatments can alter taste, smell, appetite and the ability to eat enough food or absorb the nutrients. WithoutContinue reading “Cancer and Nutrition”