What can we do for you?

Feel free to send your queries on our Contact page. We can help you directly or indirectly with any healthcare related issue. Be precise in submitting your query so we can channelize our response accordingly. If you like our services, spread the word on Social media. If you want us to improve or add to our services, feel free to leave feedback in Contact page.

The only purpose of “www.pharmacist4u.info” is to help patients deal with our healthcare system with ease and convenience while they are dealing with such serious chronic diseases. Whether the problem is high copays on medications, difficulty understanding medications, dosage, adverse effects, drug interactions or how to take/administer medications, how to understand reports, etc.- these are some of the examples of questions that come to me from patients on a daily basis. Feel free to ask help from your pharmacist or write to us in the Contact page and we will find the solution for you.

The next time you see your pharmacist, thank him or her and acknowledge everything they do for you without any expectations. Your pharmacists find their job satisfaction by helping you even after being under rigorous pressures from the ever growing expectations at their jobs. Sometimes, people forget to recognize pharmacists and do not value their services as they do with doctors, nurses, PAs, etc. Pharmacists are central to facilitate the healthcare. Thanks to the hard-working and dedicated pharmacists, who not only fill your prescriptions promptly, not only find copay assistance for your expensive medications, not only monitor adherence of patients with multiple medications, but also humbly answer questions at the convenience and will of patients! These are services pharmacists provide every day, day in and day out. While readers might say that its pharmacist’s job to provide these services, they may not realize how much does it take to go above and beyond to make this happen. So kudos to all of my pharmacist beings!

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